Winter, Faces, Charles Kingley and @FaceBookingU: A Face Publishing ‘PR’ Textbook by Tracey Bond


“Every winter, When the great sun has turned his face away, The earth goes down into a vale of grief, And fasts, and weeps, and shrouds herself in sables, Leaving her wedding-garlands to decay– Then leaps in spring to his returning kisses.” -Charles Kingsley, Saint’s Tragedy (act III, sc. 1)
English Anglican clergyman & novelist (1819 – 1875)  

Q: How does your face reflect the mood of the season?

Q: In harsh winter how to you protect your face from elemental exposure?

“Everyone has a face, and like any garment that can be worn, it necessitates attentive care & repair.”



Q: The #1 VIP Face Publishing Textbook of it kind.

By Author and Publisher:
Bond, Tracey “Face Booking U: The VIP…

…Includes indexed bibliographical references and citations.


ISBN: 978-0-615-46019-2

1. Beauty & Grooming -Facial Esthetics, Education, Research, Skin
2. Social Media Perception – Economic Aspects & Body Language, Public Relations
3. Self improvement – Social Networking, Strategy

Printed in the USA

“Learn how to Get your FACE BOOKED for any social netWORTHing and personal, professional and/or public relations occasion with YOUR own gold autographed copy of FACE BOOKING U (FBU) today.” Tracey Bond (@FaceBookingU)

image image

New Year 2014 Special Rates
Any size FBU Textbook ordering information in B/W ($30.00) or
Rich Definition (HD) Color ($50)
Spiral Bound
Introductory Editions available at:

e: Media Contact:
office: (815) 271-7128 Extension (2)

Facebook Page: LIKE for order info. author chats, tips, quotes, event updates and more each week on Facebook


Featured Model:
Tracey Bond (Author/Publisher)
@FaceBookingU @FBU Models


Hair +Makeup Expert Staging by
(Lic. Cosmetologist MUA) by

Photography also by Tracey Bond
On Twitter dba @007PhDoTo
“Photography For Social LIFE Styles”(sm)
“@007PhDoTo Online Photography Curating Gallery”


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