Today’s THE Day! Registration OPEN 7 Days For our FBU Chicago “FACE-ON” Fashion Fest Contest 2014


Come On Chicagoland (meaning residents within 50-75 mile radius) ”

Let’s Put A VIP ‘FACE-ON’ Chicago

” ~ Tracey Bond, Author-Publisher & Chancellor of Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing Textbook Imparting New Values Of Facial FAME, FRAME And FORTUNE as VIP Social NetWORTHing ™ Public Relations (PR) Tools

Registration OPENS Today at 12:00pm (NOON)

News Release: FaceBookingU’s Chicago “FACE-ON” Fashion Fest 2014 NEWS Release is A-List LIVE

On Twitter: @FaceBookingU

Click here to go directly to registration at
REGISTER online courtesy of For FBU’s CFOFFC Event 2014 NOW! Click Here To GLOWWW!


LIKE Our FaceBook Page at: FaceBookingU’s Chicago “FACE-ON” Fashion Fest Contest Event Is ON FaceBook! Join our excited community today! 🙂

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