Good Monday To: All of Our “FBU-CFOFFC 2014” Event Followers Our FBU CFOFFC 2014 StatusPress Release

Good Monday To: All of Our
“FBU-CFOFFC 2014” Event Followers!


In posting the status of last week’s contest opening outcome and commitment to reset for the future.

Here is today’s immediate PRESS RELEASE. Get FACE Ready, On Your Spotlight Mark… to RESET…and GLOW face-centrically & fashion-forward with us at FBU!

“Special thanks to each and every one of our @FaceBookingU CFOFFC 2014 page follwers for your particiaption in every form and being WILLING, AVAILABLE and READY to support the success of this event and our prospective contestant(s) toward their FBU CFOFFC face-centric successes.

We now have identified via our promotional activity “WHO” you “ARE” as an audience as a measurable accomplishment” 🙂 I am grateful, Tracey Bond,  Author, Publisher & Chancellor of @FaceBookingU “A VIP Face-Publishing Textbook”

Face booking U Publishing 

Click here…

FYI: FBU CFOFFC 2014 Status Press Release

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