Benefits of Professional Social Media Headshots | Savage Universal – Another @FaceBookingU VIP Face Publishing Textbook ‘Recommended’ Blog Read

“Benefits of Professional Social Media Headshots”
-Written by: Cheryl Woods, Published on: 13 NOVEMBER 2014

Cheryl Woods writes: “Ditch the selfies, because the era of the professional social media headshot is here! In our physically disconnected world, where so many of our connections are made online, it’s more important than ever for people to sense your authenticity and your personality. From LinkedIn to Pinterest, the way you represent yourself to the online world matters now more than ever! As photographer John Cassidy put it so succinctly, “Your social media headshot can seem no bigger than a thumbnail, but it packs a powerful punch.” (See link below for full post)




A Face Booking U – VIP Face Publishing Textbook Recommended Post Read…

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