Face Booking U -dba- VIP MUA On-Location Victoria Secret Sexy Glam Photoshoot – Feb.15th Chicago

❤❤❤ Sexy Victoria Secret Valentine’s Day Shoot ❤❤❤

Face Booking U VIP MUA On-Loc. 2/15 Vic.Sec. Sexy Glam Photoshoot

Yesterday Tracey Ohh-Seven Bond, author & publisher (dba) “VIP Face Publisher, MUA-Makeup Artistry Service, FACE Models​ | FBU – The FACE VIP Book School & Social PR Tool​ (FBU)” + she is ALSO reknown as a multi-award-winning Cosmetologists Chicago RISING STAR Stylist, CCA Artistic Team Platform Artist & FGI Fashion Group International Awardee -dba- Dahairdoc Hair GrowingSocial​ – DaHairDoc.com​ transforming the hair design and facial beauty of yesterday’s beautiful model(s):

Here are the BEFORE PHOTO(S)


Face Booking U LOGO

#1) Sofiia Ilchuk​ and…
#2 the retro vintage hair design support (-dba- httpa//DaHairDoc.com/:::DaHairDoc.com) for beautiful model and fashion designerSanela Salkic​… with Chicago Wedding And Fashion Photography​ | Chicagowfp Ganesh​ (ChicagoWFP) …

Theme: “Its All about LOVE, GLAMOUR, SEXY!”

Face Booking U i s”Face Coaching U in 2015″ VIP Face Publisher & Training Textbook , MUA-Makeup Artistry Service, FACE Models & More

Face Booking U is a VIP face-Publishing Texbook, FBU Face-Traning School and Creative Makeup Direction & Model Makeup Artistry & Award-winning Licensed Esthetic Skincare beauty experience.To learn more or to book Tracey Bond for a FBU experience all your own email: facebookinguinfo@gmail.com

Follow on Twitter: (@FaceBookingU) Mobile: Text or Dial
( * * B O N D 0 0 7)

BUY the TextBook on Amazon at: https://modo.ly/1Co8Cpf:::http://modo.ly/1Co8Cpf
ISBN: 9780615460192

View The BEFORE, IN-PROCESS & FINISHING Gallery here at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.649540305149864.1073741830.565444593559436&type=1


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