#PR #Release: FaceBookingU.com Welcomes Tajuana Ross “The LinkedIn Professor” Intro To #FacePR Training Nov.11th

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PR Release: Tajuana Ross “The LinkedIn Professor”http://ow.ly/Uakel
Intro To #FacePR Training Nov.11th http://ow.ly/i/eaAfi

 Face Booking U Welcomes Tajuana Ross known as “The LinkedIn Professor” to Nov.11th FACE PR Panel

CHICAGO – Nov. 2, 2015 – PRLog — The Face Booking U: Face PR Coursebook + Intro to Face PR Certificate event on November 11th, 2015 will be a interactive industry 1-of-a-kind educational program committed to equipping people with the skill dynamics of face relations for social and public relations intelligence for the social business era we live in today.

“The FACE is a PR social netWORTHing™ tool, profiting from its exposure on the job, social networking circles, modeling activity, public appearance, social media posts and so much more. I am convinced that in a social picture profiled world, very face tells its own wordless story…and their reader(s) will interpret it & classify it in seconds without language barrier. there couldn’t be a better time in one’s social life to have professional face “PR” training as a key asset to one’s facial appearance, perception and relational success…in a social picture profiled world…every face tells its own wordless story…the reader will interpret it & classify it in seconds without language barrier.” – Tracey Bond FaceBookingU.com, FacePR.org

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FACEPR.org hosts Nov 11th 12 Day History Making Intro To Face PR Certificate Training by Face BookingU Author & Face PR Industry Founder Tracey Bond

The ½ Day Face Booking U: FACE PR training event will feature invited industry ‘insider’ experts as ‘face-speak-sharers’ for trainees…here is what Tajuana Ross has to say about her welcome to this history-making event… “I remember the day that I saw a Tracey Bond 007 graphic for the first time – that’s the power of a brand. So, it brings me a great amount of gratitude and humility to serve as a part of this history-making event.” In 2014, Tajuana Ross founded the company Get Over Yourself Career and Life Coaching, Inc. With a number of certifications in hand and her successful career experience, Tajuana Ross has embarked on a mission to help professionals remove obstacles that inhibit their personal and career growth. She helps professionals who feel stuck, by carving out a path to achieving their goals and simply showing them how to get out of their own way. Her no-nonsense approach and candid discussions, steeped in compassion are the crux of her approach.

Tajuana’s friends refer to her as “The LinkedIn ProfessorTM”, “The Bullshit RemixerTM“ and she’s been dubbed “The Harriet Tubman of Corporate America” for the number of people that she’s coached on their journey from payroll to purpose. You can catch her in her signature “Blazer and Chucks”, spreading the gospel of LinkedIn. # # # Face Booking U ‘s FACE PR trainees will experience the orientation needed to apply the innovative core knowledge they gain into their daily interactions and build upon this core knowledge toward a complete FACE PR certification.

Bond is excited to have Tajuana Ross join the Face Booking U: Intro To Face PR ‘insider’ panel of face-speak-sharers Nov. 11th at BRIO in Lombard, IL. Page 1/2 PRLog – Global Press Release Distribution # # # EVENTBRITE REGISTRATION: REGISTER HERE for Face Booking U: Intro To FACE PR Certificate Training – 2-5:30pm | Nov. 1th, 2015 at BRIO, Lombard, IL.

Visit http://linkis.com/www.eventbrite.com/e/YKwFr for event news and updates. — End — Source Face Booking U: VIP Face Publishing + PR Textbook


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