About Face Booking U: “A VIP Face Publishing School imparting new values to your ‘facial’ fame, frame & fortune as VIP social netWORTHing ™ public relations tools!”

Face Booking U : “A VIP Face Publishing School imparting new values to your ‘facial’ fame, frame & fortune as VIP Social NetWORTHing ™ public relations tools!”

Mission: “If you’re serious about seeking self-improvement VIP Social Net WORTHing ™ Success? If you want to ensure that your best FBU * PR’ressed face gets booked somewhere that matters to (personal, professional and public) the viewer and reviewer? If you feel your face has been lost in the attentive-preference jungle of the social crowd…well then your ‘on-booked’ face is way overdue! your next…step is to ‘book’ yours truly, Tracey Bond, FBU’s Author * Founder * Chancellor & SPEAKER as your personal yet licensed professional cosmetologist-esthetics face trainer for opportunities to speak and perhaps have others join you on your face-to-face journey toward Social VIP NetWORTHing Success!”

Opening TEXTBOOK Quote: “No face which we can give to a metter will stead us so well at last as the truth. This alone wears well.’ -Henry David Thoreau


★1st Day Of Summer June 21, 2013 TextBook PreLaunch Release Date★

Tracey Bond is a collegiate family literacy instructor with multi award-winning entrepreneurial accomplishments as a social media certified professional, author, publisher, front-page newspaper education columnist, reporter, cosmetologist-esthetician and speaker who has been recognized & merit-honored by her’s countries highest level of governmental authorities from (retired) Local Mayor, Illinois State Governor at The Governor’s Mansion, 2 USA Presidents & 1 Retired USA Army General…et als.

Learn more at her social media agency and ePress outlet website at:

ISBN: 978-0-615-46019-2

web: FaceBookingU.Wordpress.Com
email: facebookinguinfo@gmail.com
media contact: press@bondgirl007penterprises.com
Twitter: @facebookingu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FBU/190341567795990

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