LIVE: IN THE #NEWSWIRE TODAY! For Immediate Release: Face PR Founder and Publicist at welcomes Laurie Tolbert, luxury hair and MAKEUP brand owner at BEATZ by London Lavish…

For Immediate Release:
Media Contact: Beneficience Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills, CA – AW Hollywood Publicist Tracey Bond welcomes luxury hair and makeup brand: London Lavish Virgin Extensions + Beatz by London Lavish to her PR clientele & catalogue. Bond manages the new media public relations + communications for the brands’ owner, Laurie Tolbert’s brand as an emerging Chicagoland beauty business.

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Happy Makeover Slay on your Birthday (eve) Miss Deja Pierre-Jacques @FaceBookingU +

Happy Makeover Slay on your Birthday (eve) Miss Deja Pierre-Jacques (IG: Deja_Simone 15) from Your Face Booking U/ Face PR Makeup Artist and Publicist, Tracey Bond, PhJrn at Prolific Personage PR…You #FaceWerked that MAC Trolls ™ line and undefined it with your hi-fashion face photoshoot!

Enjoy Deja’s #FACEBOOKINGU #FACEPR SLIDESHOW: August 14th 2016

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Deja Pierre-Jacques is an emerging Chicagoland Modeling & Beauty Personality; and available for a variety of event, fashion photoshoot(s) and creative media opportunities.

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Media Contact: Tracey Bond,PhJrn at: email:

-Rule #1 know your value- - Deja Pierre-Jacques - Shooting PR Star Client at Prolific Personage PR Design by Tracey Bond

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Model: Deja Pierre-Jacques (Facebook)
Makeup Artist #MUA: Tracey Bond
Photographer & Design Credits: Tracey Album Credit: Face Booking U + Prolific Personage PR

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FACES make people’s 1st impressions visually…see YOU TUBE Video testimonial!


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#YOUTUBE ‪#‎video‬ #testimoniasl
Featuring Professor, Author P.S Perkins “The Art and Science of Communication” at #WGLAConference 2016

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How Photographers Can Deal with Unprofessional Models | Fstoppers

“Ahem Class is in session: This subject up for discussion should never be exhausted in my expert opinion from all sides of the camera lens experience: as model, creative hair and makeup director…photographer and more importantly profession publisher!” – Tracey Bond, Author of Face Booking U and industry founder of #FacePR at and Social Publicist at


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Tracey Bond Speaks About #FaceBookingU - Social Media PR - Chicago Chapter Of Females Over 40 - Algonquin
“Faces are the VIP of the body; a PR communications tool one may leverage for VIP Face Publishing and Social NetWORTHing (sm) fame, frame and fortune…#FaceBookingU teaches people the art of facial profile and publicity leveraging.” – Tracey Bond, Author & Chancellor of “Face BookingU” (Avaiable now on

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Male Kim Kardashian (FAN) Spends $150K to Look Like Her – UPTOWN Magazine | #FaceBookingU #RP

Male Kim Kardashian (Fan) Spends $150K to Look Like Her – UPTOWN Magazine

A #FaceBookingU  #FacialReading #FacialIdentityCrisis

Image Source: BlackMediaScoope

Image Source:

Image Source: Harvey Hook/Hot Spot Media
image[/HarveyHook/Hotspot Media]

Image Source: Instagram | Uptown

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What Your Facial Features Are Saying About You – Facial Features | | (Another #FaceBookingU #MustRead)


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Another #FaceBookingU #MustRead!”
~Tracey Bond ☆007☆

What Your Facial Features Are Saying

By Carly Cardellino


The Eyebrows…

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Watch 100 Years Of Makeup In Less Than A Minute | A Face Booking U #faceit feature

Watch 100 Years Of Makeup In Less Than A Minute

Can you even believe what women did for beauty in the ’20s? Seems like work.

Posted on Dec. 2, 2014, at 11:06 a.m.
Hair and Beauty Editor

Reposted for your beauty viewing pleasure here at “Face Booking U” 🙂 …

Image source:

See the 1-minute 100 year makeup trend transformation full video here…

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‘Cute Mugshot Girl’ wins the love of the Internet | | “FaceBookingU” Can’t Believe Her ‘Mugshot’ Response


Alysa Bathrick, 18, became known as the “Cute Mugshot Girl” on Thursday after her arrest photo went viral. (Alysa Bathrick / Twitter)

image’s news story source
image’s news story source

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“FaceBookingU” Can’t Believe Her ‘Mugshot’ Response …

Q: Are our traditional cultural cues of mugshot aversion burning up and turning over?”

A: Share with us here (in comments)  “FacebookingU” and our face-forward civilization :^) _______________________ __________________________________

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What Obama’s Hugs Meant | TIME and #FaceBookingU’s focus…Oh Just Guess? ;)

Image Source: | Jim Watson | AFP/Getty Images

Click here for the full post and more from’s Teresa Berenson…

“Decoding The President’s Body Language….” Magazine’s
“Here’s where Obama’s hug game is the strongest: with Michelle. The peaceful smile on his face, the warm, full-body embrace – this is clearly an “I love you” hug. Consider it the antidote to the Carney debacle.”


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@FaceBookingU ‘s interpretive focus is “The Face” as a matter of course… 😉

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