Tonight Author, Tracey Bond Speaks about #FACEBOOKINGU and Social Media PR at Chicago Chapter of Females Over 40 in Algonquion, IL

Tracey Bond Speaks About #FaceBookingU - Social Media PR - Chicago Chapter Of Females Over 40 - Algonquin
“Faces are the VIP of the body; a PR communications tool one may leverage for VIP Face Publishing and Social NetWORTHing (sm) fame, frame and fortune…#FaceBookingU teaches people the art of facial profile and publicity leveraging.” – Tracey Bond, Author & Chancellor of “Face BookingU” (Avaiable now on

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“Tonight I’m speaking to transform and autographing my textbook “Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing PR School & Tool” 6-8pm CST Chicago Over 40 Females
‪#‎FaceBookingU‬ @facebookingu

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Male Kim Kardashian (FAN) Spends $150K to Look Like Her – UPTOWN Magazine | #FaceBookingU #RP

Male Kim Kardashian (Fan) Spends $150K to Look Like Her – UPTOWN Magazine

A #FaceBookingU  #FacialReading #FacialIdentityCrisis

Image Source: BlackMediaScoope

Image Source:

Image Source: Harvey Hook/Hot Spot Media
image[/HarveyHook/Hotspot Media]

Image Source: Instagram | Uptown

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“…True beauty is revealed only if…” -Elizabeth Kubler Ross #beautyquotes @facebookingu


People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed
only if there is a light from within.”
~ Elizabeth Kübler-Ross ~

●Face Model & MUA Face Design by Tracey Bond, Author-“Face Booking U” (@facebookingu)
●Hair by DaHairDoc | (@dahairdoctor)
●Photo Design by 007PhDoTo (@007phdoto)


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Benefits of Professional Social Media Headshots | Savage Universal – Another @FaceBookingU VIP Face Publishing Textbook ‘Recommended’ Blog Read

“Benefits of Professional Social Media Headshots”
-Written by: Cheryl Woods, Published on: 13 NOVEMBER 2014

Cheryl Woods writes: “Ditch the selfies, because the era of the professional social media headshot is here! In our physically disconnected world, where so many of our connections are made online, it’s more important than ever for people to sense your authenticity and your personality. From LinkedIn to Pinterest, the way you represent yourself to the online world matters now more than ever! As photographer John Cassidy put it so succinctly, “Your social media headshot can seem no bigger than a thumbnail, but it packs a powerful punch.” (See link below for full post)




A Face Booking U – VIP Face Publishing Textbook Recommended Post Read…

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FaceBookingU: Your Facial Wear And Tear…Repair” (Winter Face Care)

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“The most beautiful MAKEUP for a woman is…” -Yves Saint Laurent #FaceQuote

“The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion but cosmetics are easier to buy.” -Yves Saint Laurent (#YSL)



“Experience the look, the touch, the feel, the visual appeal of our face-fashionating passion…always dressed to impress and publish into profession” -Tracey Bond, Author, VIP Makeup Artist (MUA), Director & Face Publisher

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Good Monday To: All of Our “FBU-CFOFFC 2014” Event Followers Our FBU CFOFFC 2014 StatusPress Release

Good Monday To: All of Our
“FBU-CFOFFC 2014” Event Followers!


In posting the status of last week’s contest opening outcome and commitment to reset for the future.

Here is today’s immediate PRESS RELEASE. Get FACE Ready, On Your Spotlight Mark… to RESET…and GLOW face-centrically & fashion-forward with us at FBU!

“Special thanks to each and every one of our @FaceBookingU CFOFFC 2014 page follwers for your particiaption in every form and being WILLING, AVAILABLE and READY to support the success of this event and our prospective contestant(s) toward their FBU CFOFFC face-centric successes.

We now have identified via our promotional activity “WHO” you “ARE” as an audience as a measurable accomplishment” 🙂 I am grateful, Tracey Bond,  Author, Publisher & Chancellor of @FaceBookingU “A VIP Face-Publishing Textbook”

Face booking U Publishing 

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FYI: FBU CFOFFC 2014 Status Press Release

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