Q: Who’s FACE Booking U? ;)

“Q: Who’s #FACE #booking U?’ 😉

A1: Click to #face the better answer here at FacePR.org

A2: Your face is a dynamic communication tool saying more things to others and worth more ways than you may have ever imagined!” – Tracey Bond, Author of “Face Booking U…” and Face PR Industry Founder at FacePR.org

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LIVE: IN THE #NEWSWIRE TODAY! For Immediate Release: Face PR Founder and Publicist at Beneficience.com welcomes Laurie Tolbert, luxury hair and MAKEUP brand owner at BEATZ by London Lavish…

For Immediate Release:
Media Contact: Beneficience Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills
eMail: desk@beneficience.com


Beverly Hills, CA – AW Hollywood Publicist Tracey Bond welcomes luxury hair and makeup brand: London Lavish Virgin Extensions + Beatz by London Lavish to her Beneficience.com PR clientele & catalogue. Bond manages the new media public relations + communications for the brands’ owner, Laurie Tolbert’s brand as an emerging Chicagoland beauty business.


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FACES make people’s 1st impressions visually…see YOU TUBE Video testimonial!


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Face Booking U - You Tube Screenshot


#YOUTUBE ‪#‎video‬ #testimoniasl http://ow.ly/108NYK
Featuring Professor, Author P.S Perkins “The Art and Science of Communication” at #WGLAConference 2016

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VIP Makeup Artistry By Tracey Bond: Award-winning Author of Face Booking U and Founder of Face PR Industry + Publisher of FACE PR Mag-A-Seen Face Booking U’s Publicist at BENEFICIENCEPublic Relations.com

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“Instead of looking for the “next big thing, PR pros should focus on the long-term game-changers that challenge their profession.” – Boris Becker

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Q: LinkedIn profile need more #FACE Training Chicagoland?

Q: LinkedIn profile need more #FACE Training Chicagoland?

As published in “DigitalJournal:”
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#MediaAlert: #November11th, 2015 2-5:30pm
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VENDORS will be accomodated for opportunities at this event first come, first served.
VENDORS will be accomodated for opportunities at this event first come, first served.

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Join our FB Comunity https://www.facebook.com/VIPMakeupArtistry
Join our FB Comunity https://www.facebook.com/VIPMakeupArtistry

Tonight Author, Tracey Bond Speaks about #FACEBOOKINGU and Social Media PR at Chicago Chapter of Females Over 40 in Algonquion, IL

Tracey Bond Speaks About #FaceBookingU - Social Media PR - Chicago Chapter Of Females Over 40 - Algonquin
“Faces are the VIP of the body; a PR communications tool one may leverage for VIP Face Publishing and Social NetWORTHing (sm) fame, frame and fortune…#FaceBookingU teaches people the art of facial profile and publicity leveraging.” – Tracey Bond, Author & Chancellor of “Face BookingU” (Avaiable now on Amazon.com)

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“Tonight I’m speaking to transform and autographing my textbook “Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing PR School & Tool” 6-8pm CST Chicago Over 40 Females
‪#‎FaceBookingU‬ @facebookingu

‪#‎FACES‬ in ‪#‎SOCIALMEDIA‬ + ‪#‎PR‬

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Good Monday To: All of Our “FBU-CFOFFC 2014” Event Followers Our FBU CFOFFC 2014 StatusPress Release

Good Monday To: All of Our
“FBU-CFOFFC 2014” Event Followers!


In posting the status of last week’s contest opening outcome and commitment to reset for the future.

Here is today’s immediate PRESS RELEASE. Get FACE Ready, On Your Spotlight Mark… to RESET…and GLOW face-centrically & fashion-forward with us at FBU!

“Special thanks to each and every one of our @FaceBookingU CFOFFC 2014 page follwers for your particiaption in every form and being WILLING, AVAILABLE and READY to support the success of this event and our prospective contestant(s) toward their FBU CFOFFC face-centric successes.

We now have identified via our promotional activity “WHO” you “ARE” as an audience as a measurable accomplishment” 🙂 I am grateful, Tracey Bond,  Author, Publisher & Chancellor of @FaceBookingU “A VIP Face-Publishing Textbook”

Face booking U Publishing 

Click here…

FYI: FBU CFOFFC 2014 Status Press Release

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