LIVE: IN THE #NEWSWIRE TODAY! For Immediate Release: Face PR Founder and Publicist at welcomes Laurie Tolbert, luxury hair and MAKEUP brand owner at BEATZ by London Lavish…

For Immediate Release:
Media Contact: Beneficience Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills, CA – AW Hollywood Publicist Tracey Bond welcomes luxury hair and makeup brand: London Lavish Virgin Extensions + Beatz by London Lavish to her PR clientele & catalogue. Bond manages the new media public relations + communications for the brands’ owner, Laurie Tolbert’s brand as an emerging Chicagoland beauty business.

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Do you women ever wonder how familiar you can become with your features? Sometimes you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

Do you women ever wonder how familiar you can become with your features? Sometimes you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.
On my way home after meeting with my client in downtown Chicago Monday, I walked out of a restaurant to be greeted with a “WOW, you’re beautiful…”
…I perceive the greeter was someone about to ask me for some change, but my appearance threw him off and his script out…lolololol!
Ego doesn’t factor in here, but perception is the valuable #sum in the equation. The power of a look and the perception it creates is the industry I founded and textbook I publish called #FacePR and #FaceBookingU [] and [].
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where I’ll be featuring some of this year’s #beautiful modeling #faces…that I had the pleasure of #makeup decorating; introducing focal attraction to one of the body’s most prettiest places…
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Happy Makeover Slay on your Birthday (eve) Miss Deja Pierre-Jacques @FaceBookingU +

Happy Makeover Slay on your Birthday (eve) Miss Deja Pierre-Jacques (IG: Deja_Simone 15) from Your Face Booking U/ Face PR Makeup Artist and Publicist, Tracey Bond, PhJrn at Prolific Personage PR…You #FaceWerked that MAC Trolls ™ line and undefined it with your hi-fashion face photoshoot!

Enjoy Deja’s #FACEBOOKINGU #FACEPR SLIDESHOW: August 14th 2016

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Deja Pierre-Jacques is an emerging Chicagoland Modeling & Beauty Personality; and available for a variety of event, fashion photoshoot(s) and creative media opportunities.

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Media Contact: Tracey Bond,PhJrn at: email:

-Rule #1 know your value- - Deja Pierre-Jacques - Shooting PR Star Client at Prolific Personage PR Design by Tracey Bond

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Model: Deja Pierre-Jacques (Facebook)
Makeup Artist #MUA: Tracey Bond
Photographer & Design Credits: Tracey Album Credit: Face Booking U + Prolific Personage PR

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Q: Why you may need a professional “Face Booking U” Trainer? Excerpt from “Face Booking U: VIP Face Publishing School and Social NetWORTHing Tools”


Q: Why you may need a professional “Face Booking U” Trainer?

Excerpt from “Face Booking U:

“When it comes to facial cleansing, in an informal random survey of the odd hundred or more clients I serviced in the past year, I would have to say 90% are omitting some important steps that are needed to assist the facial skin in eliminating toxins embedded on & below the surface. In my research, I have found some tremendous information that will assist in bringing that skin back into a proper health condition. At a glance, let us consider these…Tracey Bond, Industry Founder &  Author of Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing School & Social NetWORTHing “PR” Tool

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FACES make people’s 1st impressions visually…see YOU TUBE Video testimonial!


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Featuring Professor, Author P.S Perkins “The Art and Science of Communication” at #WGLAConference 2016

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Watch 100 Years Of Makeup In Less Than A Minute | A Face Booking U #faceit feature

Watch 100 Years Of Makeup In Less Than A Minute

Can you even believe what women did for beauty in the ’20s? Seems like work.

Posted on Dec. 2, 2014, at 11:06 a.m.
Hair and Beauty Editor

Reposted for your beauty viewing pleasure here at “Face Booking U” 🙂 …

Image source:

See the 1-minute 100 year makeup trend transformation full video here…

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What NOT to Do When Getting Your Makeup Done |



Another #FaceBookingU Recommended Read…

Image Source:

“What NOT to Do When Getting Your Makeup Done” BY: Alina Gonzalez

●●●Plus…tips from #FLOTUS, Michelle Obama’s Personal Makeup Artist: Carl Ray●●●
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Unpaid make-up artists reveal the ugly side of Miss World – News – Fashion – The Independent

“Unpaid make-up artists reveal the ugly side of Miss World…”
Beauty pageant offered to pay artists in “credit” and goodie bags



Click here for Clark’s exhaustive article…

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Face Booking U : VIP Face-Publishing wants to know what you think about this unpaid makeup artist dilemma…

Q: “Is there a robbery in the case of an unfair exchange?”___________________

T: @FaceBookingU

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Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Lawrence Smoky Eye Makeup : Another “Face Booking U” Recommended Read

Marie Claire.Co.UK
“Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Lawrence Do Party-Perfect Make-Up: Here’s How To Get The Look…”

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A Holiday Party Face-Publishing Recommended Post Read -Marie Claire.Co.UK

Image Source: MarieClaire.Co.UK

Click to enjoy this Marie Claire.Co.UK post today in full…

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Statement Making Smoky Eyes | Face Booking U links you to a Novemberey Marue Claire UK Tutorial



“There’s no season more ‘fit-in’ for backdropping the ashy, sashy, smoldering & smokey eye like the So….ambience of Autumn and the warm marshmallowed firesides of Winter.” -Tracey Bond, Author, VIP Face Publisher & Makeup Artist (MUA) @FaceBookingU

In case you need a new Smokey Eye tutorial November-inked by Marie Claire…

Click here for the complete blog post…</a

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