FACES make people’s 1st impressions visually…see YOU TUBE Video testimonial!


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#YOUTUBE ‪#‎video‬ #testimoniasl http://ow.ly/108NYK
Featuring Professor, Author P.S Perkins “The Art and Science of Communication” at #WGLAConference 2016

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VIP Makeup Artistry By Tracey Bond: Award-winning Author of Face Booking U and Founder of Face PR Industry + Publisher of FACE PR Mag-A-Seen Face Booking U’s Publicist at BENEFICIENCEPublic Relations.com

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NEW Face Booking U Video Bestimonial + Testimonial Feat’g Professor and Author Pam Perkins “The ART and SCIENCE of Communication” at WGLA Conference 2016

NEW Face Booking U Video Bestimonial & Testimonial Featuring Professor And Author Pam Perkins at WGLA Conference 2016 Las Vegas NV


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“I am so excited to have in my hands FACE BOOKING U…with  Tracey Bond – we live in a culture where actions speak louder than words; first impressions are lasting impressions…giving us a how to book to understand we’re all marketing ourselves, selling ourselves face booking ourselves…whether its one to one, whether its one to a group, mass communication, social media whatever you want to call it – the point is you re always selling yourself. I’m hoping it will enrich my own profession and the lives of other people who are catching on more and more to the ‘art and science of communication’.” 

P.S. Perkins, Professor and Author of “The ART and SCIENCE of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace…Foreword by Les Brown, world-renowned motivational speaker”


Face Booking U Video Bestimonial Featuring Professor And Author Pam Perkins at WGLA Conference 2016

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Q: LinkedIn profile need more #FACE Training Chicagoland?

Q: LinkedIn profile need more #FACE Training Chicagoland?

As published in “DigitalJournal:”
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Male Kim Kardashian (FAN) Spends $150K to Look Like Her – UPTOWN Magazine | #FaceBookingU #RP

Male Kim Kardashian (Fan) Spends $150K to Look Like Her – UPTOWN Magazine

A #FaceBookingU  #FacialReading #FacialIdentityCrisis

Image Source: BlackMediaScoope

Image Source: MedicalDaily.com

Image Source: Harvey Hook/Hot Spot Media
image[/HarveyHook/Hotspot Media]

Image Source: Instagram | Uptown

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Janet Jackson’s make-up artist denies singer had ‘a facelift | Daily Mail Online @FaceBookingU responds…Your Thoughts?


Janet Jackson’s make-up artist denies singer had ‘a facelift’ and credits her altered look to his magic touch

By Jennifer Pearson | Daily MailOnline




@FaceBookingU applauds Janet Jackson’s timeless beauty!

“Why must media speculate one has had a (cosmetic procedural) facelift…when great genes, striking facial features, excellent skincare and a skilled makeup artist (mua) accomplish that effect naturally. – Tracey Bond, Author ( Licensed Cosmetologist-Esthetician) VIP Face Publisher & MUA…all about facing you at FaceBookingU.”

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2820982/Janet-Jackson-s-make-artist-denies-singer-facelift-credits-altered-look-magic-touch.html

Q: What are YOUR thoughts? ______

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Saving Face: More Asian Americans opting for plastic surgery | Hyphen magazine – Asian American arts, culture, and politics….An @FaceBookingU Reshare

Jennifer Bagala – HYPHEN Magazine



@FaceBookingU spotlight’s Bagala’s Excerpt in Hyphen Magazine:
“According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 743,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on Asians in 2009 with nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation as the most commonly requested enhancements. Asian Americans placed third among minorities undergoing plastic surgeries with African Americans ranking second with 986,000 and Hispanics at the No. 1 spot at 1.5 million.” – See more at: http://www.hyphenmagazine.com/magazine/issue-22-throwback/saving-face-more-asian-americans-opting-plastic-surgery#sthash.AqDchsTu.dpuf

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