Face Booking U…The Textbook Is Officially Launched!


Press Release here: http://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=176281

Author, Tracey Bond Will Gold Autograph Pre-Launch Editions Of New Textbook

Bond gives an A-List value to the face today, being the impressionable VIP ‘very important personal, professional & public, social transactional ‘i.d’ bio-badge of one’s social networking profile in a social media business networking society.

Celebrity Pre-Launch on the 1st Day Of Summer at Natural Hair Night Out Chicago LIVE's Summer Jazz Soiree' at JAK's Tap!
Celebrity Pre-Launch on the 1st Day Of Summer at Natural Hair Night Out Chicago LIVE’s Summer Jazz Soiree’ at JAK’s Tap!
WEBWIRE – Friday, June 21, 2013

Tracey Bond will be gold autographing pre-launch editions of her ‘brand’ new textbook “Face Booking U” on the applied integration of facial aesthetics with licensed expertise & skin care perspective that activates the ’press room’ beauty & grooming buzz as a catalyst for self-improvement. Successful VIP social ‘netWORTHing’ connectivity outcomes result from implementation, thus enhancing social perceptions from the meet ‘n greet chat room to the board room, online to offline.

Bond will discuss her new FBU textbook at“NATURAL HAIR NIGHT OUT CHICAGO LIVE” Friday, June 21st, 2013 6:00-8:30pm at Jak’s Tap Restaurant, 901 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL convening to celebrate their “1st Day of Summer CELEBRITY JAZZ Soiree.” Natural Hair Night Out’s Autographees include DisTincTix VIP Invitees that are known around town as Chicago’s Top 100 Professional Best.

Tracey’s hope is that Face Booking U’s textbook reviewers will have a transformed ‘facial train’ of thought and renewed perspective of their own face values. Bond equips the ’Face Booking U’ student to take the best aesthetic action necessary to present, defend and protect their faces as the ‘VIP’ social transactional & public relational tools that they socially are and ‘book’ their own social to business productivity with confident success.

Face Booking U: will be available to enrollees as an exclusive VIP online education community to offer continuity, enhanced topic discussions, future Face Booking U: VIP socialNETWORTHing ™ events and more…

In a companion blog to the book http://facebookingu.wordpress.com Bond actively tracks, engages & comments on news stories regarding Face Booking U. As a former Illinois College Family Literacy Instructor, Tracey Bond is available as a speaking companion to expound upon the Face Booking U textbook content.



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