Happy Makeover Slay on your Birthday (eve) Miss Deja Pierre-Jacques @FaceBookingU + FacePR.org

Happy Makeover Slay on your Birthday (eve) Miss Deja Pierre-Jacques (IG: Deja_Simone 15) from Your Face Booking U/ Face PR Makeup Artist and Publicist, Tracey Bond, PhJrn at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR…You #FaceWerked that MAC Trolls ™ line and undefined it with your hi-fashion face photoshoot!


Enjoy Deja’s #FACEBOOKINGU #FACEPR SLIDESHOW: August 14th 2016

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Deja Pierre-Jacques is an emerging Chicagoland Modeling & Beauty Personality; and available for a variety of event, fashion photoshoot(s) and creative media opportunities.

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Media Contact: Tracey Bond,PhJrn at: email: dejapierre-jacques@beneficiencepublicrelations.com

-Rule #1 know your value- - Deja Pierre-Jacques - Shooting PR Star Client at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR Design by Tracey Bond BondGirl007ePenTerprises.com

Learn more about Deja at: https://beneficience.com/?s=Deja+Pierre-Jacques

Model: Deja Pierre-Jacques (Facebook)
Makeup Artist #MUA: Tracey Bond
Photographer & Design Credits: Tracey Album Credit: Face Booking U +FacePR.org + Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR

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Tracey Bond Publicist & Author & VIP Makeup Artist of #FaceBookingU FACEPR.org Interviews Chicago BOND PHOTOSHOOT male model: Mr. Johnathan Sett (on-location)

” I have truly been privileged to serve others in my own dream shoot reality even in the artistic production team role of Lead MUA for an epic 2-DAY BOND PHOTOSHOOT at Shari Cornes’ ahhmazing Boutique Photo Loft, Chicago! -Tracey Bond, Author Of Face Booking U: Face PR & Face Publishing

Here I bring you face-to-face with my Face Booking U VIP Makeup Artistry model -Day 2. Introducing the face of another handsome Male Model fellow worn by: Mr. Johnathan Sett.
“007. I’m your new Quartermaster.”

This ‪#‎FaceBookingU‬ ‪#‎FACEPR‬ interview spotlights the male model for my ‪#‎facewerk‬ who gives great face to a younger Bond Quartermaster character from the BOND Film “Skyfall” (trailer 2012) better known as “Q”.

Video Interview Vignette: https://youtu.be/e2-GAXHjjOU
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VIDEO CREDITS: Published on Oct 27, 2015:
On location interview #FaceBookingU style with Johnathan Sett, Model Talent for Bond Photoshoot in Chicago, IL at Shari Cornes’ Boutique Home Loft – #BondGirl007eNewsRoom | Videography by Tracey Bond (*007*)

#007PhDoTo (@007PhDoto) | http://Get007PhDoTos.smugmug.com

Face Booking U’s FACE PR Author Leads Makeup Mission Possible in 2-Day BOND Photoshoot Chicago Tracey Bond’s on a Mod-Makeup-Artistry mission for a Bond Photoshoot (Boutique Photo Loft Chicago.) The Face Booking U: Face PR author will articulate face thematics of 1960’s ‘Bond Girl’ natural beauty aesthetic to execute the photoshoot vision.

BREAKING NEWS: CHICAGOOct. 24, 2015PRLog — Breaking News: Epic Bond Photoshoot takes place ffrom sunrise almost to setting on Saturday-Sunday (October 24-25th, 2015) in a double-day-duty mission to create the legendary 1960’s BOND GIRL beauty bombshelled looks inspired by the James Bond 007 movie series from that period at Boutique Home/Photo Lofts in Chicago, IL – Shari Cornes, Owner, Creative Visionary & Artistic Designer Multi-Talent.

Face Booking U's FACE PR Author, Tracey Bond is Lead MUA for Bond Photoshoot this weekend for a 2-Day Makeup Mission Possible at BoutiquePhotoLoft.com BoutiqueHomeLoft.com Shari Cornes, Photoshoot Host Chicago
Face Booking U’s FACE PR Author, Tracey Bond is Lead MUA for Bond Photoshoot this weekend for a 2-Day Makeup Mission Possible at BoutiquePhotoLoft.com
Shari Cornes, Photoshoot Host Chicago
Bond Photoshoot Creative Visionary: Shari Cornes, Chicago Luxury Designer Talent Extraordinaire BoutiquePhotoLoft.com
Bond Photoshoot Creative Visionary:
Shari Cornes, Chicago Luxury Designer Talent Extraordinaire
BoutiqueHomeLoft.com BoutiquePhotoLoft.com
BoutiquePhotoLoft.com Located on the North side of Chicago in Lincoln Park, The Boutique Photo Loft is a unique 4000 square foot urban/industrial/vintage loft with numerous eclectic backdrops and settings for use by photographers, models, and filmmakers. We offer extensive use of our one-of-a-kind sets, antique/vintage furniture, and unique props to bring elements of high fashion, couture, and exquisite luxury to your project.

The Boutique Photo Loft has large vine windows along the North and Eastern walls which allow for beautiful natural light to come through. We also have several electrical outlets placed throughout the space with great ease of access for photographers using studio lighting.

For our models we offer a private, comfortable, and convenient area for wardrobe changes, make-up, and hair, as well as a place to relax during the shoot.

Bond says “These fresh-faced-looks will feature painted on BOND GIRL EYES: from golden and glowing to chalky pale shadows, sharply cut to the creases & rimmed top-to-bottom with heavy coloring book eye outlines with wispy-lidded corners – and there’s more to BOND’s creative + directive detail to the makeup artistry mission vision possible. The incredible team of artists, models and photographers will collaborate their mix-mashup of unique cross-industry-related talents to produce a sophisticated & sexy photoshoot project of publishing record.

1960s Bond Girl Mod Makeup Natural beauty Aesthetic vision for Bond Girl Models in Bond Photoshoot | BoutiquePhotoLoft Oct. 24th & 25th, 2015 | Chicago.
1960s Bond Girl Mod Makeup Natural beauty Aesthetic vision for Bond Girl Models in Bond Photoshoot | BoutiquePhotoLoft
Oct. 24th & 25th, 2015 | Chicago.

60’s BOND GIRL BROWS: with sculpted shapes to show off the eye lid scapes; 60’s BOND GIRL LASHES: batty-‘n-flattery + fully-feathered-definition; and last but not least 60’s BOND GIRL LIPS that could take a man right out with a few killer pouts hued in floral tones from pastel petals to rich red roses; adding that the sculptured hairstyles fashioning these faces will range from 60’s BOND GIRL HAIR: 60’s heated-roller-type throwback Hollywood cinematic-glam UPDO Coiffures like inflated Big Bombshell Bouncy Flips to Ballooned-UP-High Beehive types.”

Image Source: TraceyBond007.com @tracey007bond
Image Source: TraceyBond007.com
https://www.facebook.com/VIPMakeupArtistry #FACEBOOKINGU #FACEWERK @facebookingu

About Tracey Bond – dba- “Face Booking U: Face PR & Publishing…”: A dual-decade season + licensed cosmetology expert, VIP Makeup Artist & Author of “Face (PR) Certificate Training Event online to LIVE offline  at BRIO Upscale Tuscan Restaurant Venue (Yorktown) in Lombard, IL on Nov. 11th 2015.

Bond is a beauty best in her field in the retail & professional makeup industry: awarded as Cosmetologist Chicago Association’s Rising Star Stylist with Fashion Group Int’l Chicago/Artistic Team Platform Educator & AHBAI’s Inaugural PROUD LADY Model Competition Winner. In addition Bond has created the in-store makeovers for IMAN Cosmetics retailer | Walgreen’s this Spring 2015 & high end beauty/skincare retail consumers as Counter Manager for ESTEE LAUDER COMPANY, the #1 Prestige Cosmetics Brand Leader in the GLOBE!

On Facebook at: http://facebookcom/VIPMakeupArtistry
On Facebook at:

These days Bond is building niche industry brands of social enterprising & compelling social business brand culture form Chicagowood to Hollywood. With a birth name, upscale and socio-culturally articulate lifestyle, Bond’s 007th birthday mysteriously hints at much more than the famed coincidental name she carries – paralleling the fictionalized role of Tracy Draco played by Diana Rigg in the Bond film: “Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

12112181_10207986605209339_3425797657780737959_n (1) 15759_345568875598276_6983239833928469551_n dahairdoc highres_442712123 highres_436678045 11896248_10153583356234637_6196855332771257050_n 600_436794884 1426745_10101567434830159_1090172711180276200_n 1613862_298045437025602_1267252629306928373_n 1074705_339381352883695_6657902943105416760_o

BOND’s Background in Hair & Makeup Artistry: Bond’s VIP makeup artistry talent has been hired by Widi Viti for the Glamorous Ceramic Corsets Photoshoot – Nicole Moan Designs, and team captured by many talented photographers, industry featured & published for Chicago Wedding & Fashion Photography Group, STEAMPUNK AMOUR, An International Magazine by Amie Hana; IsNow.com eMagazine, Jerome Lynch Photography, et als.

Connect with Tracey Bond – dba- “Face Booking U: FACE Public Relations (PR) + VIP Face Publishing & Makeup Artistry Services on the internet at:

Website: http://facebookingu.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/facebookingu (@facebookingu)

General eMail: facebookinguinfo@gmail.com

# # #

If you would like more general information about her Creative Makeup Artistry Talent-Services for media interviews, speaking engagement opportunities, and ‘FACE PR’ persona ­–to-professional industry certificate training(s) online and/or offline:

Please contact FACE BOOKING U at: BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage PR (BeneficiencePublicRelations.com) or  eMail: desk@beneficiencepublicrelations.

Media: facebookinguPR@beneficiencepublicrelations.com

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Our new FaceBookingU BLOG post! @facebookingu #1stCome1stBooked: We have only FOUR (4) http://ow.ly/35RiH0


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Tracey Bond Speaks About #FaceBookingU - Social Media PR - Chicago Chapter Of Females Over 40 - Algonquin
“Faces are the VIP of the body; a PR communications tool one may leverage for VIP Face Publishing and Social NetWORTHing (sm) fame, frame and fortune…#FaceBookingU teaches people the art of facial profile and publicity leveraging.” – Tracey Bond, Author & Chancellor of “Face BookingU” (Avaiable now on Amazon.com)

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“Tonight I’m speaking to transform and autographing my textbook “Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing PR School & Tool” 6-8pm CST Chicago Over 40 Females
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Face Booking U -dba- VIP MUA On-Location Victoria Secret Sexy Glam Photoshoot – Feb.15th Chicago

❤❤❤ Sexy Victoria Secret Valentine’s Day Shoot ❤❤❤

Face Booking U VIP MUA On-Loc. 2/15 Vic.Sec. Sexy Glam Photoshoot

Yesterday Tracey Ohh-Seven Bond, author & publisher (dba) “VIP Face Publisher, MUA-Makeup Artistry Service, FACE Models​ | FBU – The FACE VIP Book School & Social PR Tool​ (FBU)” + she is ALSO reknown as a multi-award-winning Cosmetologists Chicago RISING STAR Stylist, CCA Artistic Team Platform Artist & FGI Fashion Group International Awardee -dba- Dahairdoc Hair GrowingSocial​ – DaHairDoc.com​ transforming the hair design and facial beauty of yesterday’s beautiful model(s):

Here are the BEFORE PHOTO(S)


Face Booking U LOGO

#1) Sofiia Ilchuk​ and…
#2 the retro vintage hair design support (-dba- httpa//DaHairDoc.com/:::DaHairDoc.com) for beautiful model and fashion designerSanela Salkic​… with Chicago Wedding And Fashion Photography​ | Chicagowfp Ganesh​ (ChicagoWFP) …

Theme: “Its All about LOVE, GLAMOUR, SEXY!”

Face Booking U i s”Face Coaching U in 2015″ VIP Face Publisher & Training Textbook , MUA-Makeup Artistry Service, FACE Models & More

Face Booking U is a VIP face-Publishing Texbook, FBU Face-Traning School and Creative Makeup Direction & Model Makeup Artistry & Award-winning Licensed Esthetic Skincare beauty experience.To learn more or to book Tracey Bond for a FBU experience all your own email: facebookinguinfo@gmail.com

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BUY the TextBook on Amazon at: https://modo.ly/1Co8Cpf:::http://modo.ly/1Co8Cpf
ISBN: 9780615460192

View The BEFORE, IN-PROCESS & FINISHING Gallery here at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.649540305149864.1073741830.565444593559436&type=1

Dear Bride-to-Be: Tips from a Model on Looking Your Best for the Camera

An @FaceBookingU Repost/Reshare: “Dear Bride-to-Be: Tips from a Model on Looking Your Best for the Camera” – by Jen Brook


Jen Brook from UK nails this from the modeling industry angle…okay!



Meeeeeow and how. FaceBookingU hopes that in guiding you to Brook’s blog you’ll ‘model’ her bridal photo best tips help you produce more beautiful poses and portraits…


Go read Jen’s Petapixel.com blog post by clicking here now…

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