MediaAlert: Learn the ‪#‎FaceBookingU‬ author’s founding #FACEPR #INSIDER secrets November 11th 2015…More 》》》

facebookingu-com-nov11th-2015-intro-to-face-pr-certificate-training.pngMediaAlert: Learn the ‪#‎FaceBookingU‬ author’s founding #FACEPR #INSIDER secrets for more visual communication, marketing + social NetWORTHing ™ impact, revenue for #FACEWERK social/business success!

November 11th 2015 | 2-5:30pm

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Join me Tracey Bond (#FaceBookingU) Speaking Tuesday Sep. 1st at Chicago Females Over 40…

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Join our FB Comunity
Tracey Bond, Certified Social Media Professional & Hootsuite Pro Solutions Partner
Tracey Bond, Certified Social Media Professional & Hootsuite Pro Solutions Partner

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Media Contact:

“Join me Tracey Bond, PhJrn this Tuesday, Sep.1st 2015. I’m speaking about my book #FaceBookingU” + #SocialMedia @ #ChicagoFemalesOver40s seen on GoodMorningAmerica, InsideEdition, NBC et als.
Twitter: @tracey007bond, @BondGirl007Pen, @FaceBookingU, @socmediamngntwk.
It is so exciting to be chosen as an industry influencer resource to speak, share, equip & empower to transform these attendees. I hope if you’re in the Chicagoland area you’ll make your way to the experience.” 🙂
– Tracey Bond, Author of “FaceBookingU” VIP Face Publishing

Kurt Vonnegut…Faces…and Face Booking U

“Mister, when I see my first lady angel, if God ever sees fit to show me one, it’ll be her wings not her face that’ll make my mouth fall open. I’ve already seen the prettiest face that ever could be.”~
Kurt Vonnegut

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{FBU Model & Photo by Tracey Bond ☆007☆ via ☆007☆PhDoTo ™
Photography For Social Media Business}

“…Some faces are so extraordinary in their publishing…oft times I believe they were fashionably created to illustrate quotations with aesthetic artisan perfection…these faces are the model teaching focus of my textbook, Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing School Imparting New Facial Fame, Frame & Fortune as Social Networthing ™ Public Relations Tools” ~ Tracey Bond, Author, Publisher and Chancellor of Face Booking U

ISBN: 978-0-615-46019-2
Publisher: Face Booking U Publishing

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