Chicago’s Rising Business Star & Cosmetologist-Esthetician, Tracey Bond Publishes BRAND New Hybrid Textbook on the value of Face ‘Book’ Publishing as VIP (PR) Public Relations “Social NetWORTHing” Tools!

Face Booking U - LOGO of FB Cover photo@ Natural Hair Night Out Chicago LIVE's Face Booking U - LOGO of FB Cover photo

#ISBN 978-0-615-46019-2                           July 1st, 2013 GOLD-AUTOGRAPHED BOOK SIGNINGS in ChicagoLand NOW!

It is finally socially netWORTHing ™ appropriate to FEED YOUR FACE on Face Booking U ™ that is! 

Face Booking U - Inside Cover LOOK

FBU – The FACE VIP Book School & Social PR Tool                                                                                                                                 – Tracey Bond, Author, Founder, Chancellor

Tracey Bond’s  TEXTBOOK Pre-Launch FBU’s * Introductory Edition *

In Outstanding High Definition Artistic * Full Color $55
In Outstanding Visual * Mono Chromatic Blck & White Contrast $35

ISBN # 978-0-615-46019-2

65 pages withcitations, references and bibliogrpahic index et. al

t: @facebookingu

Tracey Bond, will GOLD Autograph and Ship Your Copy Choice To You PRIORITY MAIL with an additional & handling charge of $7.00 per TEXTBOOK * FULL-COVER OR BLACK & WHITE (MONOCHROMATIC) PREFERENCE *